University of Memphis. Doctorate of Musical Arts in Oboe. 2014. 

Sam Houston State University. Master of Music in Oboe. 2006.

Stephen F. Austin State University. Bachelor of Music in Oboe. 1997.



Oboe Study       


Dr. Michelle Vigneau. University of Memphis

Tom Boyd. Azusa Pacific University

David McGuire. Cleveland State University

Dr. John Goodall. Stephen F. Austin State University



Teaching Experience

Adjunct Double Reed (oboe and bassoon) Professor. Missouri Western State University. (St, Joseph, Mo.). 2019.

Private Studio. (Tx, Ak, Tn, Mo). 

Oboe/EH, Oboe/EH repair, reed making. 2006 – Present. 

Substitute Music Teacher. Raytown ISD. (Raytown, Mo). 2014-2015.

Oboe Masterclass. Raytown ISD. (Raytown, Mo). 2015.


Substitute Music Teacher. Liberty ISD. (Liberty, Mo). 2014-2015.


Double Reed Instructor. Music/Arts Institute (Independence, Mo). 2014.


Adjunct Professor. Drury University (Springfield, Mo). 

Position included: Introduction to Music, Woodwind Quintet. 2013.


Graduate Assistantship. University of Memphis, 

Department of Music (Memphis, Tn).  Position included: Music Appreciation (Instructor of Record/Lecturer), Oboe/EH ensemble musician. 2010 - 2013.


Double Reed Coach. Fairbanks Community Band (Fairbanks, Ak). Oboe, Bassoon. 2007.


Graduate Assistantship in Oboe. Sam Houston State University, Department of Music (Huntsville, Tx). 

Position included: Oboe reed making (Instructor), Music for Non-majors (Instructor, Proctor), History of Rock-n-Roll (Proctor). 2003 - 2005.


Music Teacher (K-5th). Houston Independent School District, Sylvan Rodriguez Jr. Elementary School (Houston, Tx). 2001 - 2003.


Substitute Teacher. Houston Independent School District (Houston, Tx). 2001.


Associate Oboe Instructor. University of Southern Mississippi, Double Reeds in the Pines (Hattiesburg, Ms). Summer 1998.


Private Instructor. Lufkin Independent School District (Lufkin, Tx). Oboe/Bassoon. 1997.


Private Instructor. Carthage Independent School District (Carthage, Tx). Oboe/Bassoon. 1997.



Honors and Awards


Sigma Alpha Iota. Alumni Member. 1995 – Present.

American Federation of Musicians. Member.  2013.

University of Memphis. Presidential Tuition Service Scholarship. 2013-2014. 

Pinnacle Honor Society. Member. 2011.

University of Memphis. Raymond M. Lynch Oboe Award. 2011.

University of Memphis. Graduate Assistantship in Music. 2010 – 2013.

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival (Fairbanks, Ak). Full Scholarship. 2007, 2008.

Sam Houston State University, Graduate Assistantship in Oboe. 2003 - 2005.

University of Southern Mississippi, Graduate Assistantship in Music. 1998.

Wharton County Junior College, Music Scholarship Recipient. 1995.


Professional Activities


International Double Reed Society. Member. 1995 - Present.


Missouri Western University. Little Women. (St. Joe, Mo). Oboe/EH. 2019.


Black House Collective (Phoenix, Ar. “Oh My Ears” Festival). Oboe. 2019. 


NewEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. “Opus Zoo”.  (Kansas City, Mo). Oboe/EH. March 2018. 


Musical Theatre Kansas City Pro. It’s a Wonderful Life. (Overland Park, Ks). Oboe/EH. 2017.


The White Theatre. Young Frankenstein. (Overland Park, Ks). Oboe/EH. 2017.


Raytown Arts Council. Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. (Raytown, Mo) Oboe/EH. 2017.


SPLICE Institute (Kalamazoo, Mi). Oboe/EH/Laptop. 2015, 2016, 2017.


Classical Revolution at Californos. (Kansas City, Mo). Oboe. 2017.


Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City. Personnel Manager. 2017.


Raytown Arts Council. Brigadoon. (Raytown, Mo) Oboe/EH. 2016.


Black House Collective (Kansas City, Mo). Oboe/EH. 2016.


Raytown Arts Council. Kiss Me Kate. (Raytown, Mo) Oboe/EH. 2015.


Doctoral Dissertation. “A Guide to Electro-Acoustic Performance for the Acoustic Oboist”. University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn). 2014.


Classical Contributor. 2014 - 2015.


Doctoral Solo Lecture Recital. “Electronic Music and the Acoustic Musician”. University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn). May 2013.


Doctoral Solo Recital. University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn). December 2012.


7th Annual Carolyn Hove Master Classes (Columbia, Ga). Participant. 2012.


Master Class given by Tom Boyd. University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn).  Participant. 2012.


National Opera Association Conference. Confession by Raphael Lucas.  University of Memphis (Memphis, Tn). Oboe/EH. 2012.


Germantown Youth Symphony China Tour (Beijing, Shanghai). Oboe/EH. 2011.


Doctoral Solo Recital. University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn). May 2011.


Master Class given by Kevin Vigneau. 

University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn).  Participant. 2011.


Master Class given by Jacqueline Leclair. 

University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn).  Participant. 2011.


Master Class given by Imani Winds. 

University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn).  Participant. 2011.


Master Class given by Eugene Izatov. 

International Double Reed Society Conference (Norman, Ok). Participant. 2010.


International Double Reed Society Conference. 

University of Oklahoma. (Norman, Ok). Participant. 2010.


Master Class given by Susan Hatch Tomkiewicz. 

University of Memphis. (Memphis, Tn). Participant. 2010.


Alaska All-Area Band/Choir UIL. (Nenana, Ak). 

Judge. Woodwinds, Brass and Vocal. 2008.


Featured Performer. Lunch Bites. (Fairbanks, Tx). 

Oboe. July 24 and 26, 2007. July 25, 2008.


Master Class given by Joseph Robinson. 

University of Alaska - Fairbanks. (Fairbanks, Ak). Participant. 2007.


Opera Fairbanks. Fall in Love with Opera: with Gregory Buchalter of the 

Metopolitan Opera. (Fairbanks, Ak). Oboe. 2007.


Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre. Anthony and Cleopatra, (Fairbanks, Ak). Oboe. 2007.


Gordon B. Wright Celebration Orchestra. 

Gordon B. Wright Celebration Concert. (Fairbanks, Ak). Principal Oboe. 2007.


Fairbanks Choral Arts Orchestra. 50th Anniversary Celebration:  

A Celebration of Psalms. (Fairbanks, Ak). Oboe. 2007.


Alaska All-Area Band/Choir UIL. (Healy, Ak). 

Judge. Woodwinds, Brass and Vocal. 2007.


Fairbanks Choral Arts Orchestra. The Impresario. (Fairbanks, Ak).  

Principal Oboe. 2007.

Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre. Man of La Mancha. (Fairbanks, Ak). Oboe. 2007.

Featured Performer. Music at One. (Fairbanks, Ak). Oboe. 

November 2, 2006.  April 26 and December 11, 2007.

Carnegie Concert Orchestra. The Joy of Music: 

Carnegie Hall Link Up Concert. (Fairbanks, Ak). Principal Oboe. 2007.

Woodwind Quintet Tour, Brazos Valley Symphony. Barnes and Nobles, Public and Private Schools. (Bryan/College Station, Tx). Oboe. 2006.


Featured Soloist, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel. Sam Houston State University Chamber Orchestra. First Oboe. (Huntsville, Tx). 2005.


Master Solo Recital. Sam Houston State University. (Huntsville, Tx). Oboe.  2005.


The Deep Listening Institute, 60 Minutes of Minutes. (Houston, Tx). 

Featured Soloist/Oboe. 2005.


Sam Houston State University Band Camp. (Huntsville, Tx). Counselor. 2005.


Contemporary Music Festival. (Huntsville, Tx). Principal Oboe/EH. 2004, 2005.


Sam Houston State University Orchestra European Tour. 

(Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic). Principal Oboe/EH. 2004.


International Double Reed Society Conference. 

Ball State University. (Muncie, In). Participant. 2006.


International Double Reed Society Conference. University of Texas. (Austin, Tx).  Participant. 2005.


International Double Reed Society Conference. 

University of North Carolina. (Greensboro, NC). Participant. 2004.


Texas Music Educators Association. Member. 2001 - 2004.


Texas Music Educators Association Conference. Participant. (San Antonio, Tx).  2002, 2003.


Gifted and Talented Certification, 

Houston Independent School District (Houston, Tx). 2001 - 2003.


Senior Recital. Stephen F. Austin State University. (Nacogdoches, Tx). Oboe. December 1997.


International Double Reed Society Conference. 

Florida State. (Tallahassee, Fl). Participant. 1997.


Opera in the Pines. Romeo and Juliet by Gounod. Stephen F. Austin State University. (Nacogdoches, Tx). Second Oboe/Solo EH. 1997.


John Mack Oboe Camp. (Little Switzerland, Nc). Participant. 1996.


Chamber Music in the Pines Festival. (Nacogdoches, Tx). Participant. 1996.


Marshall Symphony Orchestra (Mount Pleasant, Tx) 

Happy Birthday U.S.A.. Principal Oboe. 1996.


Junior Recital. Stephen F. Austin State University. (Nacogdoches, Tx). Oboe. 1996.





Jackson Symphony. Substitute Oboe/EH. 2014 - Present.

Paducah Symphony. Substitute Oboe/EH. 2014 - Present.

Memphis Symphony.  Substitute Oboe/EH. 2013 – Present.

Midwest Chamber Ensemble. Oboe/EH. 2015 - Present.

Northwinds. Principal Oboe. 2016-2018.

Philharmonia Of Greater Kansas City. Principal Oboe/EH. 2017.

Medical Arts Symphony. Oboe/EH. 2016.

Mid-America Freedom Band. Oboe. 2015.

Taneycomo Festival Orchestra. Oboe/EH. 2014 - 2016.

Springfield-Drury Civic Symphony. Oboe/EH. 2013 - 2014.

Memphis Repertory Orchestra.  Principal Oboe/EH. 2011 – 2013.

Corinth Symphony. Oboe. 2012-2013.

Eroica Lab Band. Oboe. 2010 - 2011.

Eroica Orchestra. Substitute Oboe. 2011 – 2013.

University of Memphis Wind Ensemble. Principal Oboe/EH. 2009 – 2013.

University of Memphis Symphony. Principal Oboe/EH. 2009 – 2013.

University of Memphis Contemporary Players. Oboe/EH. 2010 – 2013.

University of Memphis Mosaic Graduate Quintet. Oboe/EH. 2009 – 2010.

Wolf River Chamber Orchestra. Principal Oboe. 2010.

Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra. Oboe. 2005 - 2008.

Quintet Nanook. Oboe. 2006 - 2008.

Festival Wind Ensemble. Principal Oboe. Summer 2007, 2008.

Festival Orchestra. Principal Oboe. Summer 2007, 2008.

Fairbanks Wind Symphony. Principal Oboe. 2005 - 2007.

Brazos Valley Symphony. Substitute Oboe/EH. 2006.

Sam Houston State University Orchestra. Principal Oboe/EH. 2003 - 2006.

Sam Houston State University Wind Ensemble. Principal Oboe/EH. 2003 - 2005.

Southern Chamber Winds. Principal Oboe. 1998.

University of Southern Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. Principal Oboe. 1998.

Orchestra of the Pines. Second Oboe. 1995 - 1997.

Stephen F. Austin State University Band. Principal Oboe/EH. 1995 - 1997.

Wharton Country Junior College Wind Ensemble. Principal Oboe. 1995.

University of Houston Symphonic Band. Principal Oboe. 1993 - 1995.

Houston Civic Symphony. Second Oboe. 1993.

Sugarland Symphony Orchestra. Principal Oboe. 1993.

West Houston Concert Band. Principal Oboe. 1992.